Markets Served

Markets Served

Attractive packaging is the secret ambassador of a brand

Packaged Drinking Water

Quench your thirst with premium-quality packaged drinking water. Refreshing and convenient, it is the perfect solution to stay hydrated on-the-go.

Carbonated Drinks & Juices

Refresh your day with our selection of bubbly carbonated drinks and thirst-quenching juices! There’s something for everyone to savor, so start sipping now.


Pharmaceuticals are the life-saving medicines that have revolutionized healthcare, providing a pathway for lasting health and improved quality of life.

Mustard and Vegetable oils

Mustard and vegetable oils come together to create a unique, versatile combination of flavors. This dynamic duo will add the perfect balance of taste and nutrition to any dish!

Food and Beverages

From the succulent taste of food to a thirst-quenching sip of your favourite beverage, everyone has their go-to favourites that never fail to satisfy one’s palate.

Cosmetics & health care products

Enhance your natural beauty and maintain optimal health with our fine selection of top-quality cosmetics and healthcare products.

FMCG Products

FMCG products provide consumers with the convenience of quickly accessing goods necessary to live comfortably. Their widespread availability makes them one of the most popular choices for daily necessities, such as food and hygiene items.

Pesticides & herbicides

Pesticides and herbicides can be effective in controlling damaging pests and weeds, but their use must be managed carefully so as not to cause significant harm to our environment.

Spices and Pickles

For a unique and robust culinary experience, look no further than spices and pickles! Elevate your dishes with the perfect mixture of herbs, seasonings, vinegars and salty flavors to tantalize every taste bud.

Dairy Products

Discover the delicious and nutritious world of dairy products – from creamy cheeses to rich yogurts, they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help power your day.

Liquor industry

The liquor industry provides an abundance of opportunities for new entrepreneurs looking to get their foot in the door. With its growing market and potential consumers, this thriving business sector is full of exciting possibilities!


With our Toys range, you’ll be able to stimulate your child’s imagination and curiosity like never before. Let them explore all the exciting possibilities in playtime with a product from us!

Confectionary products

Our confectionary selection features a range of delicious, indulgent treats. From traditional favorites to exciting new creations, there’s something satisfying for every sweet tooth!