Shrink labels are quite a rage these days. They are present everywhere.

As you walk down the aisles of a supermarket, you can see numerous shrink-labelled products occupying the shelves, ready to grab your attention. Dairy products, candy containers, beverages, personal grooming products, homecare products etc. You name it and you have it.
A Label is like a topcoat or a representative of a product which speaks volumes about the quality of the product. While designing a label, much effort goes into choosing the right material and design. As you will read further, you will find out why Shrink Labels are the most preferred choice while designing
Here are some of the top favorite reasons to consider Shrink Labels for your product

The versatile nature of shrink labels to conform to contours of the container, the use of vibrant colors, the clean professional look of the product- all add up to boost your brand image. As per a study, a consumer spends 13 secs, on average, while choosing a particular product. Those 13 secs are crucial for any manufacturer to get through the minds of the consumer. The label
becomes the “Secret Ambassador” of the product. A visually appealing and a well informative label is always an advantage. It conveys a message about the product’s quality and helps the consumer recognize your brand easily.

Since Shrink Labels wrap around the container, it provides a full grand display of the artwork and the information useful for the consumer. Shrink labels allow you to utilize not only the flat surface but also the round surface. So, no matter how a person holds your product or puts it back on the shelf, Shrink Labels ensure a good branding of your product. Eye catchy graphics, additional text, durability- everything is possible with shrink labels. They allow for customization and more creative freedom for designers to create eye catching designs that pop out.

If you are planning to launch or upgrade your product with a differently shaped container, then choosing a Shrink Label as your labelling partner will indeed be a smart choice. Shrink label conforms to the container flawlessly and acts like a “second skin” to it. Also, a Shrink Label works well with metal, glass, and plastic containers. You just need to plan your design right, such that the label can bring justice to the shape and material of the container. So, no matter if your container is round or oval, or a shape with special contours, Shrink Labels covers them all effortlessly and flawlessly.

A product passes through a lot of stages of transportation and distribution before reaching the final consumer. Any manufacturer would always want to deliver his product to the final consumer in its true form, without being tampered with. Delivering the product in the original sealed form is like a dream come true for the manufacturer. It is also beneficial for the consumers, as the seal guarantees the original quality of the product.
Shrink sleeves can be designed to include a perforation that indicates if a package has been tampered with, thus adding an extra layer of security. Tamper evident seals are typically found in pill bottles, pickle jars, essential oil containers, cough medicines etc.

Shrink sleeves are made up of tough, durable materials that can easily withstand the harsh conditions of handling and shipping without getting torn, smudged, or discolored. Also, they are resistant to oil, moisture, and water. So, with a Shrink Label you can be sure of delivering your product in its truly appealing form, thereby fulfilling its purpose of building your brand image.

You can choose Shrink Labels as your branding partner, without undergoing the guilt of harming the environment. The process of applying Shrink Labels is through heat, thus making the entire process free.  Therefore, using a Shrink Label gives an added advantage of being environment friendly too.